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As a hotelier, continuously assessing and enhancing the visitor experience is an excellent way to stay ahead of competitors and surpass expectations. Several methods exist to improve hotel offerings when guests stay in your establishment.

Pre-Arrival Email

All guests’ arrival and check-in procedures may be significantly streamlined by sending them a thorough pre-arrival email. Not all of your visitors will read the email in advance, but curious guests are more likely to do so. For a more personalized experience, consider tailoring the pre-arrival email to various visitor types or seasons of the year.

Early Check-in Option

One top-tier way to enhance the visitor experience is to allow early check-in. Housekeeping has a detailed, exhaustive list of rooms to make clean and vacant, but early check-ins are still possible. Notify housekeeping of early check-outs to move them to the top of the list. Providing rooms for an early arrival gives your property a competitive edge. Travelers may want to decompress before a hectic schedule or if they fly in early.  

Smooth Check-in Process

Another critical factor in ensuring a satisfying visitor experience is a smooth check-in. To speed up the procedure, consider providing self-service kiosks or mobile check-in. While automation has come a long way, there should always be a concierge or reception area to help guide guests and answer questions.

Make Positivity a Business Model

Initial impressions matter a lot in the hospitality industry. Setting a positive tone for your visitors’ arrival and check-in experiences will make them feel valued and set the tone for the remainder of their stay. Take the time to verify the names and reservation information as you check the arrivals each day, and be sure to welcome each person by name and with a kind smile. Remind your staff each morning to treat guests how they want to be treated. If there is anything to celebrate, send a treat to the room to make your property.

Make Contact Seamless

There are too many choices for travelers to choose from to make them wait more than a few minutes for contact with your property. Make it simple for visitors to contact you. Making communication as seamless as possible will always please clients, but how you implement this suggestion will depend on your audience and the size of your hotel. If your clientele is older and more conventional, they may like using the hotel’s phone system to contact the front desk. Consider investing in a straightforward app or online communication tool for your business if your target market is younger and more tech-savvy. This guarantees that visitors may text hotel employees immediately from any location inside the establishment.