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COVID-19 has recently snuffed out the fun in day-to-day life. The pandemic has hit hotels hard due to social distancing and stay-at-home policies. The hospitality industry primarily relied on visitors staying overnight. With the effect of COVID-19 on traveling, US hospitality industry workers have lost their jobs while many hotels have vast spaces and amenities, but no reliable income stream. Hotels in the United States, for instance, are losing up to $400 million daily.

Hotel investors have to think outside the box. Here are some unconventional ideas that can restore the industry’s business.

Rethinking Bookings

Hotels sell guest rooms which you check into in the evening and leave the following morning. Hotels offer comfortable living because of the various amenities available. These spaces can become a reimagined office space.

With additional value such as leisure features, outdoor space, and advanced technology, hotels can sell private working space for executives or top managers who will no longer have offices.

Open Amenities for Public

Hotels have strict measures that allow only their guests to enjoy their amenities, especially sports services such as the gym, pool, and parks. They can open up these spaces and charge a fee for anyone who wants to join.

The hotels can also create a subscription service for the gym and clubhouses. Further, event organizers can hire large and well-paved parking spaces.

Selling What They Have

Many hotels tend to have convenience stores of sorts on their premises which they can continue to operate during the pandemic. Even though there are limited chances that they will get guests flocking in, sharing what they have during COVID-19 will help them gain the market’s confidence. Hotels should show what precautions they are taking, their hygienic standards, and the strategies they have put in place.

They can also create special packages for travelers who are stranded in a foreign country, waiting for the travel ban to be uplifted. They can continue engaging meeting planners who need extensive facilities for small events or groups that require a formal space. 

Consider the Boom After COVID-19

After the pandemic, it will be business as usual. Hotels can make plans that will help them make most of the rebound boom. They can start driving early bookings for the coming year and revising their terms to consider the pandemic.

Covid-19 may have disrupted the hospitality industry, but it is not beyond repair. Investors can still keep the business running with these great ideas and others.