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Various industries have been affected harshly by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of these industries in particular is the hospitality industry. With people traveling much less, the hospitality industry has been waiting for travel to begin again. However, they have been helping others in the meantime.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, homeless individuals have been most at harm due to not being able to quarantine by themselves. It has gotten to the point where homeless shelters simply don’t have enough room to handle everyone.

Fortunately, some hotel companies have gone out of their way to offer free hotel rooms for the homeless. This has given many more people the opportunity to safely quarantine during the pandemic.

Returning Residents

With how rapidly the COVID-19 pandemic spread in such a short period of time, many UK residents were still working in other countries during this time. Once returned, these travelers had to come back and quarantine before they could return home.

To do this, travelers ended up spending their time in hotels. The hospitality industry suddenly had to take on these travelers for two weeks at a time, ensuring that they weren’t exposed to COVID-19 during their travel back to the United Kingdom.

NHS Staff

A majority of staff members working for the NHS haven’t been able to return to their own homes as well. This is due to them being more exposed to COVID-19 and potentially spreading it to those they live with. Instead of living in their homes, many NHS staff have been living out of hotels.

Thankfully, these hotel rooms have been complimentary as per the hotels’ owners, giving a huge amount of relief to frontline workers.

Hospital Patients

Many hospital patients had recovered well enough to go home, but still needed to be quarantined. They didn’t want to stay in their respective hospitals due to the risk of COVID-19, so many of these patients have been staying in hotels to do this.

Luckily, many of these patients have these hotel rooms covered for them so that they do not have to spend their own money quarantining somewhere else. This kind of help has given hospital patients much more relief once they reach the point of being able to be safely discharged from the hospital.