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Ruskin River Court, a property located in High Wycombe, is undoubtedly one of the most unique properties that S Dad Homes has created. The property as a whole offers two three bedroom townhouses, and twelve two bedroom apartments, which have been constructed to the highest standard of luxury within a 1930’s warehouse. The history of the building has opened it up to an extraordinarily unique feel and makes it unlike any other luxury property in the High Wycombe area.


This property is located in an area that offers just about everything a person could need, and High Wycombe is a quickly developing into a vibrant town with schools, art galleries, a shopping center, restaurants, hotels, and other hubs for those visiting and living in the area. It also is scenically beautiful, with stunning outdoor parks and statues, routes for walking, and a swimming pool. It provides train access into London, for those who commute into the city or just like to visit. All of these factors, in addition to the potential of the building as well, contributed to our decision to remodel this property into luxury living spaces.


When remodeling this warehouse–a building not typically associated with luxury–, it was necessary to consider which elements unique to the building could be optimized to create a certain aesthetic, and which elements need to be drastically reformed. The original space lent each townhouse and apartment underfloor heating, private outdoor areas, solar panels, and spacious floor plans.  The beautiful red brick that was characteristic of the original building gave it a classic feel and presented structural stability to have many windows providing natural light.


To shift this property from a property with potential to a luxury property, however, drastic amounts of planning, aesthetic design, and work where needed. The interior, which was previously an open space, had to be strategically divided into livable areas to provide an outline for the luxury properties soon to be built within. Kitchens had to be planned and constructed from scratch within the preexisting spaces from the finest materials, and each apartment has fully integrated appliances, a stainless steel oven, a dishwasher, fridge/freezer, and a built-in microwave. Baths and shower rooms had to be individually constructed by using contemporary ceramic tiling, inserting large shower enclosures, as well as a bath with a thermostatic shower mixture and glazed screen.


Of course, these are just a few of the many reasons why Ruskin River Court is an ideal place to live in England, specifically High Wycombe. I’ve attached pictures below so you can see the property for yourself: