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Technology dominates in almost all parts of our lives. It is ideal for making our lives easier, convenient, and more efficient. It has significantly advanced to a point where it needs to keep its guests and workers safe in hotels. The article gives an insight into why the hotels need to invest high in technology come 2021 to ensure a safe environment for both the workers and guests amidst the COVID outbreak.


Safety for both the guests and the employees is an essential priority for the hotel industry. Hotel owners use every form of technology to enhance their security with the Covid 19 pandemic increase. They use facial biometrics as a preservative protocol and use mobile banking to ensure that they carry out cashless transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

Most industries are dependent on Artificial intelligence in carrying out tasks, and hotels in 2021 should not be an exemption. They help provide the guests with flawless and seamless experiences by carrying out joint operations, marketing campaigns, and overall equipment maintenance.


Robots play a significant role in industries. The most common trend for 2021 is keeping the hotels in a COVID-19 free and friendly environment. They carry out room cleaning and everyday housekeeping tasks. The use of robots helps enhance the sanitation standards without putting the employees at risk.

Contactless Communications

Most hotels in 2021 should use ICT to ease the communication barriers between them and their clients. Ensuring that the communication systems are efficient reduces the contact between the guest and the workers. From the checks in and out, hotels provide they have a streamlined way for them to navigate.

Service Automation

Self-service technology should be put in place in most hotels to make processing more efficient and streamlined. They help speed up the checking processes and enhance customers’ experiences within the hotels and reduce personal contact with the employees.


Technology is essential in the transformation of your hotels. By investing and implementing technology in 2021, hotels can operate effectively with limited staff and new guidelines to ensure a safe environment and optimize their operations to make everything efficient and effective.