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Establishing a return on investment (ROI) from investing requires you to put your money into assets that grow in value.

Choosing the right asset to invest in can be a challenge. You can find a clear path toward a solid ROI by considering the competitive-intelligence (CI) industry. Look for trends that are already successful if you want to minimize your financial risks when you’re investing. The businesses of CI present a good group of assets to start an investment portfolio with.

What is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive intelligence is the knowledge that one business gains about other businesses within its same industry.

An industry is a sector of businesses that sell the same products to a single market.

Collecting data about industry competitors is a proven way of remaining competitive. The scope of CI even includes data about your business—if you have one. From the rate that one company gains new customers at—to the influence of one brand’s SEO, gaining detailed information about a market competitor is simplified through the help of technology.

The prospects of wireless and mobile technologies give businesses a broader perspective over the markets they labor in. The devices, processes and softwares that achieve CI create a profitable industry.

Investors are looking at the financial impact that CI can have within their portfolios.

Why the Competitive-Intelligence Industry is Growing

The CI industry is growing because of mobile technology. The access to data that digital technology gives us increases the competitive standing of any business that has an internet connection. According to a study completed within Crayon’s 2020 State of Competitive Intelligence Report, %98 of 1,000-business participants that were surveyed by Crayon said that websites held the best competitive intelligence on a business.

Business owners believe that extracting data from web technology gives them a big competitive edge.

Investors are looking at the growth of the CI industry and are supplying its startups with funding. Around the globe, financial agencies are anticipating where CI grows and which of its innovations best benefit business owners.

There are no guarantees when investing, but the growth of CI is a fact that you can build an investment strategy on. Start by looking at businesses that scan market activity, consumer spending and individual-business marketing.

Groups like GrowthBar, Aqute Intelligence and ScienceSoft are leading CI agencies.