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Even in normal times, traveling requires a bit of planning and more than a little thinking about logistics. In the pandemic era, there’s even more to worry about than ever before. Nowadays, travelers need to investigate testing requirements, plan for potential quarantines, and find testing centers that give quick results. Luckily, technology is coming to the rescue to make things a little bit easier. These three programs in particular are helping travelers hit the road while staying safe and adhering to restrictions.

AAA Covid-19 Travel Map

This pandemic trip-planning helper is available online. It’s mobile-friendly, so you can check for any last-minute changes even after your trip has begun. The map includes state and local restrictions, giving you the opportunity to gauge which destinations will require certain protocols before or during a visit. This feature can help in every stage of a trip, from choosing among potential destinations to adhering to local guidelines once you get where you’re going. AAA has graciously made the map available to members and non-members alike.

United Airlines Restrictions Map

United Airlines has helped make pandemic travel easier by offering a detailed map of local and state restrictions. The neat color coding provides an intuitive and easy-to-understand visual, while detailed looks at museum and restaurant closings will allow you to plan every aspect of your trip. For international travelers, there is also a global version available.

Multistate Local Policy Dashboard

Multistate, a company focused on government relations, has created a highly useful dashboard for reading up on local and state-level rules and regulations. You can investigate restrictions in a particular jurisdiction, checking for information regarding mask mandates and local orders. This is the type of information you’ll need as you move about in unfamiliar territory. To keep the local community safe and yourself out of trouble, you’ll need to know what behavior is expected of you in every municipality you enter.

Traveling during a pandemic requires proper planning and foresight. If you leave home without doing any research, you’re likely to come up against all sorts of unforeseen closures and restrictions. Now more than ever, informed travelers will have the best trips. Use these resources to make sure your mid-pandemic trip is a success.