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The hospitality industry is challenging yet rewarding. Being the owner of a hotel means wearing many hats. You’ll have to worry about revenue, hiring talent, and preparing for big local events that will bring in loads of tourism. It can be a lot. The best hotel owners understand that constantly educating themselves is vital in order to keep their business afloat. There are dozens of books that hotel owners can check out if they want to know how to better themselves within the hospitality industry. Let’s take a look.

How to Run a Great Hotel: Everything You Need To Achieve Excellence in the Hotel Industry – Enda M. Larkin

This is a must-read for anyone who is interested in learning how to run a great hotel. Many in the hospitality industry understand that in today’s competitive climate, being good isn’t enough. Written by a seasoned hotel manager and owner, this book provides a comprehensive review of the key business processes that will help you achieve success. 

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek’s goal is to inspire others to do work, and he uses real-world examples to show you how to do so. He believes that the most important thing that a hotel owner (or any leader) should consider is the reason they run their business. This is because, according to Sinek, the key to being successful is to understand why you do what you do and how you can motivate your team. By the time you’re done with this book, you’ll realize how important it is to have a clear understanding of why you run your hotel.

Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard – Chip Heath & Dan Heath

The goal of Switch is to help people lead and encourage changes in their behavior, both in themselves and in their organizations. It involves focusing on the three forces that affect it. It’s often said that hotels are slow to adapt to changes in the market. In his book, Heath explains that the lack of clarity around how to implement changes is actually the main reason why many people resist change. He believes that setting incentives and having a clear path forward are two of the most important factors that hotel owners can consider when it comes to making changes.

Zapp: The Lighting of Empowerment – William C. Byham, Ph.D

Despite the complexity of employee motivation, it is still a vital part of any organization’s success. According to Byham, people who are engaged are more likely to contribute to the success of the company and have a sense of ownership over their work. They are also more likely to recognize the importance of their ideas and contribute to the organization’s success.