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Establishments in the hospitality industry continuously seek original and unique ways to stand apart from their competitors. This includes remodels and promotional campaigns in addition to new construction.

Delivering the finest experience is a hotel’s top priority, with the client at the center of all decision-making. Unlike other industries, however, this landscape is ever-changing and trend-dependent. Hotels must always be on the lookout for the next big wave. Traditional accommodations are now competing with alternatives like Vrbo and Airbnb. Regardless of the caliber of the hotel you run, always maintain sight that you compete with all lodging options in the area. 

Use Social Media

Never before has a medium like the internet existed. Far-reaching and accessible, The World Wide Web is an infinite sea of opportunity. Millions of your current and prospective guests are online most of the time. Visit social networking sites daily. Establish a free business page on Facebook or Instagram. Create accounts for your corporation and individual properties. Cross-syndicate articles and tag each in posts. It has even become acceptable to anthropomorphize a business, tweeting and commenting on topics while building a network. The more creative you are, the better, especially when pairing an image with a catchy phrase or tagline. An active social media presence will spark interest in your business and give visitors the information they seek.

Be consistent as you build your follower base. Hire a designated employee to handle marketing so momentum stays constant. Google rewards sites and profiles that have tenure and actively engage with other profiles and users. Stay on top of reviews, responding directly to any issues. 

Meet Expectations

Beginning with the first interaction, a hotel guest should be satisfied with their service. All reasonable accommodations should be made to appease a guest, and this philosophy continues once they are staying in your hotel. The lobby and reception area are the first spaces visitors encounter in person. Make the environment soothing and friendly. Spend the money to hire an expert who will match the brand you convey and create a welcoming space. Maintain the quality once it’s been created, as well. If the environment is pleasant, it will invite people to come, even for a photo op. Host themed events for the community to draw in newcomers. Even if they aren’t staying in your hotel, they will have you in mind when making recommendations. 

Support a Cause

Since the pandemic, people have done some soul-searching and shifted their priorities. Individuals are looking for jobs that have a deeper meaning. Corporations are opening up to more sustainable, green initiatives. Your hotel can show its support for its community. Socially conscious hotels benefit by building their neighborhoods, gaining publicity, and attracting more guests.