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Robots have always been a source of fascination for people. Yet, they have been more like toys than actual servants or a regular part of daily life. The only exceptions are the robotic arms in automated factories, but one does not necessarily count them as full robots.

That is quickly changing, though. The pandemic has brought to light the need for less human contact until such a time as humans can once again stand shoulder to shoulder and only fear the common cold. As such, many robots have entered the hospitality industry, as you will see.

The Desk Check-in Robot

This robot was much more common in Tokyo a few years ago but has now rapidly become a staple in many hotel chains. Guests approach the check-in desk at a hotel or resort. They can communicate with the robot at the desk, and even use a touchscreen on the robot’s chest or on the desk in front of the robot. It removes any and all likelihood of transmitting the virus to a desk attendant and vice-versa to the guests.

Cleaning Robots

You can buy a cleaning robot for vacuuming and washing floors at home, but the cleaning robots at a hotel are taking it steps beyond. Since staff are risking becoming sick by entering guest rooms for daily cleaning, hotels either have the option of not cleaning until a guest checks out, or using robots to clean. If hotels choose the latter, the robots are able to vacuum, scrub, pick up dirty linens and towels from off the floor, and disinfect everything they touch.

Greeting and Social Distancing Robots

Sometimes guests are so at ease with visiting a hotel that they forget that people still need to keep their distance. Rather than be greeted by humans, there are robots that greet people in the lobbies of certain hotels. These robots are masked as they greet guests, which helps remind guests to stay safe too. Other robots will tell guests to keep apart but do so in ways that are friendly and encouraging. These robots may roam the floors and halls too but are generally kept to the main floor because they are easy to keep in sight of guests and security cameras.