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Real estate prices have continued to peak throughout the pandemic, prompting some soon-to-be retirees to ponder selling their homes and renting for a couple of years before settling into their final dream destination. While an attractive offer during the current market climate can indeed be secured, there are a few more things to consider, especially when retirement is inching closer.

First, the rise in real estate purchases and prices have had individuals ask questions of concern, such as “Are we in a housing bubble?” While this is a valid question, it cannot entirely be answered. This is simply because it is nearly impossible to “time the market,” and trying to gauge the peak point of real estate prices can be compared to attempting to determine when certain stocks are at their all-time high. There can be certain degrees of conjecturing and even informed speculations, but one cannot know for sure that prices have reached their limit until they start to fall.

The second concern is that of high rent prices. Selling and renting a home for soon-to-be retirees in the UK may or may not be profitable, depending on their equity level. One example is found in the paid-off mortgage. If a mortgage is paid off, and a retiree couple decides to rent, the rent prices may induce financial strain.

With many individuals relocating during the pandemic, the demand for housing has increased and driven prices upward, which is not the same as the previous housing bubble that happened in the 2000s instigated by bad credit practices and institutions making loans to individuals who could not afford them long-term. However, in an uncertain economy and with the advent of remote working, it is impossible to know the long-term real-estate trends. It may be safer for soon-to-be retirees to go ahead and sell while the market is up, and instead of renting, relocate to their final dream destination. 

Since remote working has only increased due to the pandemic, this frees up individuals to relocate without fear of losing their job or the hassle of a long commute. Each individual’s particular circumstance is unique, but it should be considered that renting may or may not be cheaper in the long run.